Friday, 29 July 2011

Tradeskillmaster - Part III Auctioning Module

 TSM_Auctioning is the module that handles posting Auctions. This module is the TSM version of what used to be the stand alone Auction Profit Master (by the same author) which in turn was one of several Cataclysm code branches of the venerable old Quick Auctions 3 (by a different author).

This is one of the 2 modules most auction players will get the most mileage out of and probably the first module most will use. It's also one of 2 TSM modules (the same 2) I rate as being Outstanding, the other Outstanding module being TSM_Crafting.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Patch 4.2 - Market Update

My plan for patch 4.2 has worked out pretty well, most of my predictions worked out well though there were a few surprises. I've done over a million gold in sales since the patch dropped (250k in the first 24 hours). That's gross sales, profit is harder to say since I'm always buying stuff too but my liquid gold has gone up by over 500k in spite of dropping close to 200k on BoE epics for my level 85 characters.

As I expected demand was greatest for the first few days and then tailed off. There were a few surprises however. Demand for several items has held better than I expected.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Macros for Auctioneers

Here are a few macros I use a lot. Some are the work of others, some I made myself. The one's I didn't make I've had for a long time and have no idea who originally created them so no attribution is given.

Be careful with formatting, Blogger tends to linewrap things that should be on a single line in the scripts. In all these macros # and / start new lines, if there's a line that doesn't start with one of those characters it's been wrapped by blogger and is actually part of the line above it.

If you use Macaroon! bar mod it's buttons can be assigned macros twice as large as normal macros. This is great for disenchenting, prospecting and milling macros, allowing you to put many more items to break down into a single macro. Of course it also allows you to use more complex macros for other purposes too.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Macros with item links - A simple script to make them

Here's a little gem I found with a google search a long time ago. This macro adds a new slash command that allows you to quickly and easily make macros with item links in them. I've edited the original so it puts the macros in the character specific macro list instead of the shared list.

/run SlashCmdList["MAKEMACRO"]=function(c)local m,n=GetNumMacros(),"_"..GetTime();local function o(a)ChatFrame1:AddMessage(a)end if m<36 then CreateMacro(n,6,c,1,1)o(n..": "..c) else o("No more room for macros!")end end SLASH_MAKEMACRO1="/makemacro";

Run the above script once (it adds a new slash command /makemacro) then type:

/makemacro [full text of your macro including item links]

For example:

/makemacro /2 WTB [link] 50g each! 1000g per stack! PST or CoD all you have!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tradeskillmaster - Part II Shopping Module

Shopping module

The Shopping module has 4 buttons in the main TSM window, Dealfinding, Crafting Mats, General Buying and Milling/Disenchanting/Prospecting/Transforming.

Overall I have to give the Shopping module a thumbs down. Dealfinding is ok if you don't scan a whole lot of different items or do much bulk buying but if you buy many different things or make a lot of bulk purchases you'd be better off using Auctioneer or Auctionator instead. The other 3 parts I don't use and really don't see many others having a whole lot of use for any of them either.

I'd like to see a complete redesign of this module. Lacking that, at least fix the Dealfinding stuck scanning loop, shorten the time between clicks when buying, put all three Dealfinding skip/buy buttons into one group at the bottom of the window and change how Dealfinding lists are saved.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Tradeskillmaster - Part I Overview

Tradeskillmaster (TSM) is an offshoot of QuickAuctions 3 (QA3) combined with Scrollmaster and a whole lot more added. It's a very comprehensive modular integrated package with optional modules covering pretty much everything an auctioneer could wish for. Everything from managing inventory across multiple characters to buying materials to crafting, auctioning goods and tracking sales data.

I think Tradeskillmaster is by far the most complete and best set of tools for auctioneers and highly recommend it as such over anything else. However that doesn't mean TSM is perfect, while there are a lot of things I really like about TSM there are a lot of things I don't like too. Things that still need work, things I don't think are very well implemented, things I feel could be much improved and things I just find incredibly annoying.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Things that make you go Hmmm - What was Blizzard thinking when they did that?

Why are Jewelcrafter's the only gear crafting profession that doesn't have any patterns for epic level 85 gear?

Why can't Enchanting bags hold enchanting scrolls?

Why can most profession bags hold alchemy vials?

Please put your own Hmmm questions in comments and I'll add the best ones to the main post!