Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Epic Gem Transmutes and Day 1 of Patch 4.3

Epic Gem Transmutes
4.3 has been out for a full day now and there's still no news regarding epic gem transmutes. When the patch first came out and transmutes weren't on any vendors most of us assumed they must be raid drops but after a full day with no reports of any dropping on any server it doesn't look like that's it either.

That probably means epic gem transmutes are either:

- not intended to be available yet (IMO most likely), or
- something is broken preventing them from dropping / showing up on a vendor.

At this point I'm going to assume that epic gem transmutes while they may be in the data files are not yet obtainable in game and will not be anytime soon. Maybe in some later patch a few months down the road, maybe not until the next expansion or maybe never.

Day 1 Update
Day one of the patch is over. Sales were pretty decent for me but not nearly as good as day 1 of  patch 4.2, mostly because this time there was a lot more competition. Last year I pretty much had the auction to myself for the first day. This time there were lots of people camping the auction most of the day.

I made at least 100k profit, probably more like 150k yesterday. It's hard to say exactly how much but my gold total went up about 150k and that's in spite of spending a lot on things like Chaos Orbs (I may have overpaid a bit for the first couple hundred or so) and buying out cheap gems, chants, etc., to reset prices.

All in all a pretty decent day.

This morning my server's prices on green, blue and yellow gems are mostly in the tank again (most under 20g) though a few cuts are still selling for much more. Red gems are still doing great with the 3 main cuts holding strong at 200g+, orange and purple are doing ok with roughly a third of the cuts tanked running 30-40g, another third holding strong at 60g+ (many over 100g) and the rest at 40-60g.

Chants are selling in volume and prices are slowly picking up as competitors run out of stock. The same for other gear enhancements like leg armors, belt buckles and spellthreads. Even flask prices have picked up and are selling better than usual.

Epic gem prices are outrageous. The first red gem posted was 25k. Most gems (of any color) posted since are in the 10-20k range. None of them are selling at those prices. The few in the 5-10k range don't seem to be selling either though I figure a few might sell for 5k. I managed to pick up a Lava Coral for 2.5k out of trade chat, cut it into Reckless and posted it for 7.5k. I didn't expect it to sell for that much and it didn't so I reposted it for 5k today.

Glyphs are as usual on my server... Heavily camped and tanked with all glyphs except the new one at 30g or less and most under 15g. They'll stay that way until the perpetual camper stops too.

The new Glyph of Shadow is high priced but isn't selling very well. I sold 2 or 3 for 500g and another 1 for 249g and that was with virtually no competition.

Other notes
The patch broke Auctioneer badly, turn it off.

Most other auction addons worked though with some problems. Tradeskillmaster and Auctionator both have updates available to fix the problems now.

Most other addons worked ok and many had updates available. A couple notable ones with updates available are Macaroon! (bar mod) and SUF (unit frames mod). The old version of Macaroon! did not work at all but the update was available at patch launch so it wasn't a big deal.


  1. Yeah, I made this comment a while ago - there are no actual SPELLS in the game for the transmute (the ones that the professions use).

    It would require an actual client side patch to enable transmutes, so don't expect it anytime soon if ever.

  2. I'm wondering if epic gem transmute recipes are going to come from the new Darkmoon Faire profession recipes that were promised us.

  3. That's a possibility that makes a lot of sense. With the faire coming up soon we'd be getting transmutes soon enough to be useful for a while before the next expansion.

  4. Again, they'd actually have to patch the game to add the spells for the transmutes to work.

    Considering how little Blizzard changes in non-major patches, I think the recipes are just remnants of a decision they decided not to go through with.

  5. If they choose not to implement the epic gems as transmutes at all, i'll take off my hat and click approve. I like it when Blizz switches up on professions. It adds to the fun/challenge.

    The raid option would be viable, but since so few actually have set foot in Firelands at all (4% of the entire raiding community according to, it could make sense, from a business stand point to find another way; ie. the DMF which you guys mention above.

    Either way I hope they come up with something creative which at the same time makes total sense. Although Blizzard don't make many such choices any more.

  6. IMO they should keep epic gems in short supply like they were at first in Wrath. That's when the market was at it's best. Prices were good, nobody could really control the market and there were many players making lots of gold from epic gems too.

    Personally I'd prefer they not implement transmutes or vendors for epic gems.

    Prospecting I wouldn't mind but I can live without it too. It would be nice for non raiders as long as the drop rate isn't too high. I don't think they'll go that way in this expansion though.

    The way I see it epic gem transmutes were the start of an oversupply problem in Wrath and later gems from point vendors made things even worse.

    What I'd really like to see though would be no prospecting, no transmutes, no vendors but a small chance for miners to get epic gems from pyrite. Something like 1 gem for every 10 or 20 stacks mined.