Thursday, 17 November 2011

Addons and User Interface - Data Brokers every good goblin should have

Data broker plugins are addon threads for displays using LibDataBroker. A data broker display like Fubar, Titan Panel, or my personal favorite Chocolatebar is required to use data broker plugins.

Many plugins display additional information when you mouse over them and/or have drop-down menus allowing you to clean up your user interface yet still have quick and easy access to everything. By adding plugins you can set up a broker display mod to show virtually anything you want exactly where you want it.


Creates a bar at the top or bottom of your display where other addons called broker plugins can display things like your fps, latency, gold earned, and much, much more.

Ara Broker Money
I really like Ara Broker Money for keeping track of how much gold I have across all characters. It also shows you how much gold you've made (or lost) for the current session, today, yesterday, the last 7 days and the last 30 days.

Ara Broker Tradeskills

Another handy addon from Ara. This one shows you all your tradeskills on all characters. It shows cooldowns, including which ones are up and how long it will be until the others will be up again. You can also open and view the tradeskills for any character on the account.

Broker Micromenu
I like this one because it allows me to completely remove the blizzard default bars. I can use a custom bar mod (Macaroon!) for abilities and macros while Broker Micromenu takes care of things like opening a ticket or viewing the character. It also displays FPS and Latency, putting many seldom used but useful things into a small space where they're unobtrusive yet still readily accessible for when you do need them..

If you're looking to find more broker plugins there's a nice big list of broker plugins over at WoW Ace complete with pictures for most of them. Mouse over the thumbnail pictures there to see larger pictures.

Addon Control Panel isn't a display broker or plugin but it comes in real handy for turning various mods on/off and reloading the UI without leaving the game... Like you'll be doing when trying out a bunch of new data broker plugins.


  1. I was aware of this kind of plugins but never actually had saw some example of them, I am curious to try some thanks for the tip.

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