Monday, 26 March 2012

March Mogging Contest Results

The second Antonidas monthly mogging contest was held yesterday with a total of 205,000 gold in prizes handed out.

We will continue holding this contest on the last Sunday of every month. Categories and rules may change or be tweaked from time to time but the contest will be a regular thing. Check the Mogging Contest Page for the latest, most up to date details on the next contest.

This months sponsors were myself (Moxnixx), Mybankchyck, Jackiel and Notken. Winners and prizes for the March contest follow.

Overall Best Dressed:
1st- Ister 25,000 gold
2nd- Crythias 15,000 gold
3rd- Darkathena 10,000 gold
Farquel- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold
Bob- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Best Impersonation:
Squeakster 10,000 gold

Most Outrageous:
Gratram 10,000 gold
Farquel- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Tempt 10,000 gold
Imeatshieldl- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Best Dressed Bank Alt:
Myththsonian 10,000 gold

Most Original:
Ðoom 10,000 gold

Best Classic Set:
Gulvak 10,000 gold
Bob- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Best Use Of Plate:
Primarycrit 10,000 gold
Slateface- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold
Endlessvoid - Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Best Use Of Mail:
Starcrossed 10,000 gold
Rangiku- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Best Use Of Leather:
Wuh 10,000 gold
Farquel- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Best Use Of Cloth:
Darkathena 10,000 gold
Sy- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold
Brekkie- Honorable Mention 5,000 gold

Finally it's too bad this needs to be said, but it's become apparent it is necessary.

It's our contest, it's our gold we're giving away and we award prizes to the outfits we like best.. If you don't like the way the contest is run, or feel it's "fixed" because your buddy didn't win, you can always start your own contest and give your gold away too. The contest is intended to be a fun event that only takes an hour or two to run.

We will not consider requiring applications from contestants to pre-judge and qualify outfits before the contest. We will not spend excessive amounts of time on judging and researching outfits during the contest and boring everyone to death either.


  1. just curious, do you have pics of the other category winners?

  2. Great contest, and I love the way you run it. I, too, would love to see pics of the other winners.

  3. Curious, how do you do your screenshots? What do you do to them to make them look so awesome?

    1. It's a secret...

      Actually it's simple. I just armory the character, view page source, and grab the link to the picture from there.

  4. This contest is a discovery for me ...