Sunday, 19 February 2012

Antonidas Mogging Contest Results

The first Antonidas Mogging Contest is over and was a huge success. 170,000 in gold and other prizes were handed out. A few categories were difficult to judge and some lessons were learned for the future (note to self: hold the next contest indoors so mounts aren't a problem) but overall things went very well and it was a lot of fun. We'll definitely be doing it again next month!

I've added a new page to the blog with more information on future mogging contests. That page will be updated frequently.

Being the first time, we got so wrapped up in organizing and running the contest we forgot to have someone write down the winner's names until after the contest was over. We couldn't remember the name in a couple cases.

Overall Best Dressed
1st place Famine 25,000g
2nd place Soliss 15,000g
3rd place Mike 10,000g
Honorable Mentions (5,000g each) to Dreary and Jalepeno, both of whom won prizes in other categories.

Thegayblade 10,000g

Most Outrageous
Dreary 15,000g

Szonya 20,000g
Darkbrekke 20,000g
A tie, both winners were awarded 20,000g

Best use of Cataclysm Dungeon and Raid Gear
Frostgeneral 10,000g

Sexiest Male
Jalepeno (male) 5,000g

Sexiest Female
Shocknawwe 5,000g

Most Intimidating - No picture available

Most Original (10,000g) and an honorable mention who got her choice of 6 Epics (she chose a Lovebird mount) are the winners who's names we forgot.

Also, the picture at the very top of this post is Eklipse a competitor with a terrific outfit who went unnoticed due to some jerk on a mammoth following her around and standing on top of her the entire time. She received a consolation prize later and is encouraged to enter again next month since we loved her outfit once we actually saw it.


  1. This was really fun! I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it was pretty amazing that we only had two people trying to grief, that's amazing behavior for this game.

    1. Amazing? That's downright admirable for a server such as Antonidas! I expected trade trolls to flood the area. Well done Mox, looking forward to the next one.

    2. I believe the reason trolls weren't a problem is half the trolls were competing.

  2. Man, I hate I missed this. I've been on hiatus, and my pal Soliss told me about it. Very, cool, Antonidas. Very cool!

  3. Loteru and I really loved Eklipse's outfit when we pulled up this blog post. I'm glad you featured it since the Mamoth guy was such a twit and we couldn't see it.

    Thanks again for your hard work, it was fun to be a part of.

  4. You know...I spent weeks mogging my rogue for this contest and honestly don't event think I got seen or judged.

  5. The super cool thing is there will be another/more contests in the future! Participate in the next one! - Mybankchyck

  6. was wandering if i can bring a horde toon over to show you and collect the gold on the ally....

  7. Best Impersonation:

    Most Outrageous:
    Farquel- Honorable Mention

    Imeatshieldl- Honorable Mention

    Best Dressed Bank Alt:

    Most Original:

    Best Classic Set:
    Bob- Honorable Mention

    Best Use Of Plate:
    Slateface- Honorable Mention
    Endlessvoid - Honorable Mention

    Best Use Of Mail:
    Rangiku- Honorable Mention

    Best Use Of Leather:
    Farquel- Honorable Mention

    Best Use Of Cloth:
    Sy- Honorable Mention
    Brekkie- Honorable Mention

    Best Overall Dressed:
    1st- Ister
    2nd- Crythias
    3rd- Darkathena
    Farquel- Honorable Mention
    Bob- Honorable Mention

  8. Its a bummer I couldnt join from Farstriders. xC

    Why dont you let us move our characters around Blizzard???? Why???