Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mox' Mogging Contest - Minimum 65,000 gold in prizes guaranteed!

The First Antonidas Mogging Contest

Who: Founded by MoxNixx, your friendly auction house mogul!
What: Mogging (Transmogrification) Contest
Where: Antonidas US server at the Stormwind Docks
When: Sunday the 19th of February 2012 starting at 4:00 pm server time!

Sponsored by:

MoxNixx 50k gold
Sagal 15k gold
Jackiel 25k gold
<Hypnotic> 5 BoE Epics, 20 Living Embers
<Independance> 10k gold
Pürê 10k gold
MyBankChyck 40k gold
Thurstonhowl 10k gold

If you have any suggestions for the contest (categories, rules, or whatever) or wish to volunteer to help us run the contest feel free to post here on this blog. If you wish to volunteer your services as a judge please explain why you believe you'd make a good judge.

Mogging The act of changing one's gear to look like another piece of gear in World of Warcraft. Gamer abbreviation for "Transmogrifying". - Urban Dictionary

160,000 in gold
BoE Epics
Living Embers

- Judges decisions are final
- Category sponsors may appoint their own judges if they wish
- Sponsors and judges are not eligible for prizes in any category they are sponsoring or judging. They are however allowed to enter and may be eligible for prizes in other categories at the discretion of sponsors for each category. Exceptions may be made for guild sponsored categories allowing their members to enter.
- To enter the contest you simply need to show up and parade before the judges for any categories you wish to compete in.
- There are no entry fees.

Entrants outfits will be judged upon a number of criteria including but not necessarily limited to:

- Aesthetics (looks)
- Originality
- Creativity
- Completeness
- Difficulty to obtain

Contest Categories

Overall Best Dressed
Sponsored by: Moxnixx
Judges: to be determined
1st place: 25,000 gold
2nd place:15,000 gold
3rd place: 10,000 gold

Most Outrageous Look
15,000 gold
Sponsored by Sagal

Sexiest Outfits
5,000 gold Sexiest Male character
5,000 gold Sexiest Female character
Sponsored by <Independence>

Best Cataclysm Gear Set
Transmog items limited to Cataclysm Dungeon and Raid gear only
10,000 gold
Sponsored by  Pürê

For scantily clad female toons only!
Must be wearing an actual full set of gear, not just naked.
2 prizes of 20,000 gold each
Sponsored by MyBankChyck
Judged by MyBankChyck

Most Original
For something cool we haven't seen before
10,000 gold
Sponsored by Thurstonhowl

Most Intimidating
Sponsored by Jackiel

10,000 gold
Sponsored by Jackiel

A number of  BoE Epics have been donated too. We're keeping it surprise how these prizes will be handed out but it'll be fun.

A few other categories that are being considered include, Best NPC Impersonation, Classic Outfits, Funniest and some fun stuff like honorable mentions and booby prizes.

Additional sponsors, both individuals and groups are welcome. You can sponsor a new category of your choice or contribute to the prize pool for existing categories. A minimum of 10,000g or prizes of similar value is required to sponsor a new category.

Note to my regular blog readers, this is an idea I've been considering for some weeks and finally decided to give it a shot. This post is really intended to direct players on Antonidas US server to for contest information and rules. It will be updated frequently as things progress, new categories get added and so on.

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  1. Awesome. Mybankchyck got a 3 hour account ban for advertising this contest. Gotta love Blizzard!

  2. This is a really fun idea, we've been trying to figure out the logistics, looking forward to seeing how it turns out. See you tomorrow - Soliss

  3. Really have to wonder about Blizzard's ban policies sometimes.

    A player gets banned for telling people about a fun free event like this, yet trade is swamped with trolls and spammers blatantly disregarding the ToS and not getting banned for it.

  4. In case anyone's wondering the screenshot is an armory picture of my own personal transmog set.

    And since people keep asking, no copying my set doesn't mean you'll win. ;)