Mogging Contest

The next contest will be held on Sunday 27 May 2012

Mogging The act of changing one's gear to look like another piece of gear in World of Warcraft. Gamer abbreviation for "Transmogrifying". - Urban Dictionary

Who: Founded by MoxNixx, your friendly auction house mogul
What: Mogging (Transmogrification) Contest
When: 4:00 pm server time on the last Sunday of every month
Where: Antonidas US server in the Stormwind Keep

The first few contests (held in February - May) went extremely well. We will continue holding the contest regularly at 4:00 pm server time on the last Sunday of every month.

All future contests will be held in the Stormwind Keep... Indoors so there are no problems with jerks on mounts.

Besides announced prizes we hand out honorable mentions and fun special awards to recognize good costumes we really liked that didn't win.

Preliminary contest prizes are limited to 10,000g each so we can have more competition categories and therefore more winners. We won't feel like we shouldn't give a great costume a prize in Overall Best of Show because he/she already won a big prize in one of the preliminaries.

If you have any suggestions (categories, rules, or whatever) please feel free to contact me either in game (Moxnixx on Antonidas US) or here on this blog.


MoxNixx 50,000 gold
<Hypnotic> 4 BoE Epics and 20 Living Embers

Notken 1 Swift Lovebird

I'm contributing 50k to kick off the prize pool as usual. The sponsor list and prize pool will be continually updated as more donations come in.

Additional sponsors, both individuals and groups are welcome. A minimum of 10,000g or prizes of similar value is required to become a sponsor. Sponsors can help with judging if they wish to do so.

150,000 in gold
BoE Epics
Living Embers


There are no entry fees.

Judges decisions are final.

Major sponsors and judges will not compete in any categories. Sponsors who are not involved with judging may compete if they so wish. Exceptions will be made for guild sponsors allowing their members to compete.

To enter the contest you simply need to show up and parade before the judges for any categories you wish to compete in.

The contest is held in the SW Keep throne room with spectators and judges in the center and competitors in a circle around the outside of the room.

Contestants may enter multiple contests and multiple characters if they so wish. If you want to have 2 toons compete in the same contest category, they need to be on different accounts. We will not wait for you to log different characters on the same account in and out for the same category.

All contestants including winners of preliminary categories are eligible to compete in the grand finale contest Overall Best of Show.

Entrants outfits will be judged upon a number of criteria including but not necessarily limited to:

- Aesthetics (looks)
- Originality
- Creativity
- Completeness
- Difficulty to obtain

Some categories have additional rules and limitations attached to them.
Transmogrified gear counts for more than non-transmogrified gear unless otherwise specified.

Generally speaking Aesthetics (how your outfit looks) are the most important thing. It helps a lot if your outfit is one that gets noticed in a crowd. Dark outfits don't get noticed as easily as as brighter, more colorful ones. Items that match well and/or follow a consistent theme tend to garner more attention too. For example, here are a couple prior competitors that really stand out in a crown.



Contest Categories

Overall Best of Show
1st place: 25,000 gold
2nd place:15,000 gold
3rd place: 10,000 gold

Best use of Cloth
10,000 gold

Best use of Leather
10,000 gold

Best use of Mail
10,000 gold

Best use of Plate
10,000 gold

Limited to scantily clad female toons only!
Must be fully clothed with equipped items, not just naked.
10,000 gold

Classic Outfits
Limited to looks taken from gear of level 60 and under only.
10,000 gold

Most Original
For something cool and unusual that we haven't seen before. Please note this is primarily about visuals, not about how difficult it was to obtain the items.
10,000 gold

Most Outrageous
For that crazy looking outfit that makes you say. WTF? Cool!
10,000 gold

Best Dressed Bank Alt
A special category just for low level bank alts. Items do not need to be transmogrified. Competition is limited to characters of levels 1-10 utilizing only items that can be worn by level 1 characters.
10,000 gold

Best Impersonation
For the best character impersonation. Can be a character from anywhere, a WoW NPC, a cartoon, another game, television, movie, etc., even a real life character. What's most important here is it be a credible, recognizable likeness and it looks good.

Other categories under consideration to be added as additional sponsors come on board.

Sexiest (Male and Female)

Best Cataclysm Dungeon/Raid/Tier Set
Limited to looks transmogged from cataclysm dungeon, raid and tier gear only.

Most Intimidating
For that scary character you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley somewhere.


One guy kept showing up for the cheesecake contest on a very skimpily dressed male character. While the judges (being mostly male) found it creepy, his outfits were well done and fit the theme of his character (named Thegayblade), so this category was created one time just to recognize his efforts.

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