Saturday, 10 September 2011

Greedy Blogger - Bullshit sells scams

There's a new mod out there being sold for *real money* making absurd claims about what it can do and being flogged by one of the biggest wow gold sites.

The site flogging this mod isn't allowing comments on the post flogging the mod. Gee I wonder why? It provides a link to another site that blatantly breaks the ToS by offering the mod for sale for real money. The language and claims on the selling site fit the posting style of the owner of the linking site and he's well known for being all about making real money and putting his less savory content on seperate sites so it seems obvious what's going on there.

Quite frankly this is a scam. They're not selling you anything new, they're just repackaging and against the Terms of Service trying to trick you with false advertising into paying for things that are FREE elsewhere. The selling site is chock full of bullshit claims like:

"Tycoon has fast become the most popular wow download in the market"

Really?! It's been available for what, 2 days and hardly anyone knows about it yet, but they're already making an absurd claim like that? What a bunch of bullshit! Keep that in mind when you read the rest of their grossly over-exaggerated claims about what the mod can do for you.

There are a lot of absurd claims about how much gold you'll make with this mod too. One million gold in 32 days... Yeah right, maybe if you find a server with virtually no competition at all but if you find a server like that you could make the same gold with FREE mods or even no mods at all. Or you can make a million gold in a month when a major content patch is released... IF you're prepared for it ahead of time with a large bankroll and plenty of stock *before the patch hits.

The fact of the matter is mods can make the boring repetive tasks simpler and they can automate many decision making processes for you but you still need to put lots of time into it (even if it's /afk time) to make lots of gold. No mod is going to just run and make you gold without some effort from you and there are plenty of completely FREE mods that'll do a better job of it than some piece of crap like this.

In the interest of not driving more traffic to these crooks I'd really rather not mention the name of the mod or the site flogging it but anyone who's really wants to is going to figure it out quickly anyhow. The linking site is of course JMTC and the mod is named Tycoon.

There are plenty of mods that do everything this mod claims to do (only without the absurd claims about how much gold it'll make) and those mods are FREE.

Like your mother told you when you were a kid, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. That super spy ring in the comic books didn't turn anyone into a super spy and this mod isn't going to turn anyone into a super rich wow player either.

Edit: Doing some more research I found a link to a review that seems relatively unbiased (iow it's not just another bullshit advertisement with a sales referral link).

Tycoon review

What I got from this review is that it *requires Auctionator to do most of the real work. All this mod really does is list Auctionator data in a different way and add some farming route maps. An even bigger ripoff than I first thought!

No respect at all left for Marko or JMTC after reading a thread on his own forums where he tries to weasel out of it all by claiming they're just selling a guide when in fact even a brief perusal of the sales site makes it obvious they are specifically selling the addon not a guide.

A quick Google search also shows that in spite of their "100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee" getting your money back is virtually impossible. Snake Oil sales at it's finest!


  1. I'm glad someone else noticed this besides me. I was looking at this "add-on" for awhile and decided against purchasing it. The main reason is that it does exactly what auctioneer and auctionator does, so why pay money for it? Besides, one review I read for it (unfortuately, I forgot the link to it) stated that trying to get your money back from the company is "hell". I agree with you, if it's too good to be true, it is.

  2. I view it as being more like Tradeskillmaster only with over half the functionality missing and a few farming maps included.

  3. I can't imagine they'll be able to run with this for very long without drawing Blizzard's attention. It can't skirt the add-on policies and call itself a "guide" since it requires installed software (beyond a written pdf) to perform its "magic". I'd also be concerned that it uses installer software to install its add-on software. You have no idea what else it might install.

  4. Also notice that the link provided in the blog post is an affiliate link. He get paid for providing customers.

  5. Im not a fan of "pay for" addons. But they provide a free version which makes it within the ToS. Thats how Zygor gets by too.

    While I personally would prefer NOT to see sales pitches put up on JMTC I also accept that it is not MY website and I can't control it. I can control wether or not I read it though.

    Please don't get yourself involved with this Cold Vs. Markco crap. It's all dumb and people will start to reject you as well just like Cold and JMTC.

  6. I checked all over the site and nowhere could I find a free version of Tycoon (unless they've got the link hidden really well).

    Even their FAQ states you get it after paying:

    "No, the program doesn’t come on a disc through the mail. The pictures on the sales page are just used to represent the product. Tycoon is a digital product and can be downloaded instantly after purchase in the members area!"

    That looks pretty cut and dry against Blizzard's policies.

  7. I'm not getting involved in "this Cold Vs. Marko" crap".

    I simply stated my opinion on this shady business.

  8. This is super biased.

    Cold and a hundred other bloggers sell zygor guides which are the same questionable manner as this new addon at jmtc.

    So what's the beef with mark anyway? The only difference between him and all these other bloggers is that he's great at blogging.

    I call biased shenanigans.

    Btw: that addon is the same as zygor; downloadable instructions plus a free addon link. Shady but legal.

  9. The difference is selling guides isn't against the ToS but selling addons is.

    Zygor sells guides, the addons they link are freely available from other sources. Grey area? Maybe, but if so at least they're trying to comply with the ToS.

    Tycoon explicitly states they are selling an addon which is not freely available from other sources. There's no question about it, they're breaking the ToS in the most blatant way.

    I took Marko to task because:

    1. He posted a dishonest, misleading advertisement thinly disguised as a regular post.

    2. He flat out lied when he claimed they're just selling a guide rather than an addon.

  10. This has nothing to do with me.

    It is nice to see someone else call Markco the scammer on his bullshit though.
    He's just trying to squeeze as much money out of his readers and subscribers before he sells JMTC outright.

  11. Total jealousy in my opinion.

    You guys both make this markco sound like the evil villain of the blogosphere.

    As I recall, he actually created gold blogging as we know it today.

    No one has ever come close to replacing him and posts like this certainly look petty and jealous. I don't know if he is actually selling but I don't care. Without him you'd be sucking in 2 hits a day.

    And zygor is totally the same. Their sales page is virtually identical. Idiots. Jealous idiots.

    I rest my case.

  12. I'm a creative designer for a major auctioning addon that all of you probably have at least tried, if not use extensively. I was all set to make a few pennies writing articles for markco but after this bullshit he's on my black list.

    When he started his auction blogging he was the first to proclaim that you didn't need to buy all these expensive guides and other nonsense - ANYONE could make gold without them. In other words, he founded this whole empire on the assumption that people shouldn't pay for guides. This is just another scam and I'm having no part of it.

  13. Thank you for voicing your concerns.

    You are completely wrong, but i have nothing against helpful feedback.

    Zygor has an identical pitch page setup.

    I grew an empire on helping others make gold. Some aspects of gold making I believed should be free, but if someone requires a lot of tutoring or wants to learn extra quick, guides are a great way to satisfy them.

    I wouldn't read so much into the motives for my evil plans, they are far too boring for these kinds of conspiracy theories.

  14. The point is Tycoon is not a guide. Its an addon.

    "I've been dreaming of an addon like this for years"
    "Tycoon: The Mailbox Bustin' Gold Addon"

    If you want to sell an addon, although against the TOS, Thats your business. You don't need to lie about it. Stop being a pussy,

  15. It's not against TOS.

    Please show me one case of someone banned for using this addon or the guide associated with it. Same for zygor's. No one? Great that's what my research showed as well.

    I'm done here, the comments are ignorant and written simply to inflame, not discuss the situation. As well as scare people into not buying the addon. Which is not working mind you; we'll sell another 68 copies probably this week.

  16. The issue isn't about using addons it's about SELLING addons.

    When called on it you lied and tried to claim you're just selling a guide.

    Now you're claiming SELLING ADDONS isn't against the ToS (another lie) because nobody will get banned for using it (which is true).

    Keep it up. Your lies and logical fallacies aren't going to change a thing. It's still against the ToS to SELL ADDONS.

  17. MoxNix, what you want me to say and what I actually am saying are two completely different things. Sorry if I don't live up to the stereotypes you prepared in your head.

    Unfortunately now you are just trolling me and I fell for it, shame on me.

    Is this the kind of articles I can expect from your blog in the future? I think a lot of people are asking themselves that question after this poor excuse for journalism.

  18. Actually I said selling addons is against the ToS. That's what you're doing and that's what this article is about. No matter how much you squirm, lie and try to whitewash it nothing's changed. You're still selling addons and selling addons is still against the ToS.

    You even bragged about how many sales you're making. Congratulations, you made some money and lost more integrity.

    "this poor excuse for journalism."

    Poor journalism is posting a false, misleading advertisement disguised as a "news" post.

    Reporting and exposing shady activities like that is honest journalism.

  19. Just a heads up, the review you linked had affiliate links in it. It was just hidden as a php file that redirects you to the sales page.

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  21. Nice defense Mox.

    He just keeps trying to lie and twist it around to yet again squirm his way out when he gets called out. Markco is a straight Liar. He will say and do anything to spin the situation even when caught outright.

    I caught him ripping off the JMTC Coaches that had canceled their subscriptions (me included) and I caught him in multiple lies. Then he made a whole post of lies about me to defame my character and my guide all based on false statements, false accusations, lies and deception. He's as wicked, underhanded, and devilish as they come.

  22. PS: Check out the attitude in the comments of this post:

    Alto's Recent Post: This Isn't A BlogPost!

  23. I think the most important thing is I bought this addon and didn't receive any download or promised log in info to access the download. All I got was a receipt and two emails for subscribing to newsletters. I'm not sure if it's a scam or not but I haven't got what I paid for so far.

  24. Wow...deceptive backpedaler.

    Check out this youtube video that gives sheds some light on this scam.