Thursday, 22 September 2011

HURRAY! The auction bot transferred!

This is server specific to Antonidas US but I have a number of readers from the server and this is terrific news for us. The auction bot transferred his main to Stormrage US on Sept 13th and his posting bots haven't been seen working the auction since. Hopefully he'll stay there now and transfer all the alts he left behind here soon too. I feel sorry for players on Stormrage though, he's probably already pulling the same crap there he pulled here for years.

I always said the reason Antonidas had so many campers and such a crazy rollercoaster of extreme price highs and lows was the bot was there manipulating the auction 24/7. Nobody else sold much of anything at high profit margins unless they camped too. I'm being proven correct now.

It's only been a week now but prices have already rebounded nicely in most markets with more sales, higher profit margins and there's FAR LESS CAMPING going on now. Most markets are pretty good with decent profits. The glyph market is an exception but glyphs have always been heavily camped here since well before the bot started manipulating everything else.

Myself, as soon as I realized the bot was gone I greatly reduced the number of different items I post, how many of each item I post, my posting frequency and stopped leaving "walls" up, while increasing prices across the board. Sales have been good and keep gettting better every day since the bot left. The auction is almost back to normal pre bot days of 2 + years ago.

This is great for all of us on Antonidas US. I know I'm enjoying having a normal auction again and I hope everyone else does too! Good luck to all of you in the future!


  1. You may find it difficult to out-camp a bot. It is playing them at their game.

    However, (current) bots cope very badly with walls of product at paper thin margins. They cope even worse when you set it up so they have to can still make sales & have to re-craft everything, for a gold or less an item. (i.e. a bodycheck).

  2. That's how I fought this bot Foo though it took multiple walls at progressively higher prices or he'd just wait till I logged off buy it all out and repost for 10-100x more.

    The problem with this botter was he was running multiple accounts and monitoring the bots 16+ hours a day making him very difficult to combat.

  3. I can't prove it but I'm sure he wasn't using the usual commercial bots. I figure he was using a combination of custom autoit scripts, macros and mods to automate things for him while he monitored all the bots, stopping and starting various script as necessary.

    On multiple accounts too, at least 2 computers, 3 accounts and probably more.

    At first he'd leave his posting bots unattended 24/7 while raiding, sleeping or whatever. When I wised up to that I'd get his bots posting under cost and clean out their stock... After I did that a few times he stopped leaving the bots unattended for very long.

  4. made over 15k horde side wen i tried it out for 1 day with roughly 25 diff gem cuts and enchants, though i think ill really make gold if i split it 50/50 ally horde i'll use horde side to get materials bc compared to the ally side that mats are SUPER cheap get 175 stacks of cinderbloom for 19g each today and then elementium ore for 30g