Monday, 19 September 2011

Patch 4.3 - Epic Gems a raid drop

Well I called it (Last chance for Epic Gems) when I said we either won't get epic gems at all or if we do we won't like the way they're implemented. According to an Interview with Greg Street on MMO Champion they're going to implement Epic Gems as a raid drop this time around.

That brings up a few more questions.

Will they be cut gems ala the BC heroic 5 man epic gems or will they be uncut gems Jewelcrafters have to cut for you?

Will they be BoE or BoP? Those BC 5 man gems were BoP at first.

If they're cut gems will they be Unique Equipped like those BC gems were?

If they're raw gems, how are we going to purchase the gem cuts, with the same tokens we use now or something new? Or maybe the patterns will be raid drops too?

Players will start dumping Fools Gold (Pyrite Ore) stockpiles now. The price of Pyrite will plummet and affect the price of all kinds of things from Truegold to Eternal Belt Buckles,  to blacksmithing epics. Depending on the size of current stockpiles it's quite possible pyrite prospecting could drive down the price of rare gems and drag the price of elementium and obsidium ores down with it too.

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