Thursday, 26 January 2012

Unlimited Maelstrom Crystals

The demand for high end chants has gone up and driven the prices of high end enchanting mats up too (particularly Maelstrom Crystals and Heavenly Shards). Maelstrom Crystals are going for 200-250g or more on many servers now. What many don't know is it's possible to manufacture unlimited Maelstrom Crystals for under 150g each.

To get the best cost per crystal you need an enchanter in a level 24 guild who's exalted with Avenger's of Hyjal. Go to the Firelands vendors, buy cloaks and disenchant them for unlimited Maelstrom Crystals. If you're not exalted you must be at least friendly to buy the cloaks.

Exalted rep with Avenger's of Hyjal gets you a 20% discount on prices with the Firelands vendors
Bountiful Bags (level 23 guild perk) gets you a 20% bonus when disenchanting
Bartering (level 24 guild perk) gets you a 10% discount and stacks with the rep discount

In the best case, assuming you're exalted with Avenger's of Hyjal and in a level 24 guild, your cost per Maelstrom Crystal comes out to about 146g. Shattering crystals will keep your cost on Heavenly Shards to about 73g too. Horde characters of the Goblin race have it even easier, all they need is friendly rep since thier racial gives them a 20% price discount with all vendors (which does NOT stack with rep discounts).

In the worst case, you need to be at least friendly and the cloaks cost 250g each. Guild perks still apply though, you'll get 10% off for Bartering, and 20% more crystals from disenchanting with Bountiful Bags. Bountiful Bags alone brings the price per Crystal down to about 208g and Bartering brings it down a little further to 187.5g per crystal (5 x (250 x 0.9)) / 6 = 187.5. Exalted rep alone without the guild perks will bring the price down to 200g per crystal.


  1. Huge thanks for this tip. I never considered it in the past, but Maelstrom prices are 250g+ on my server at times.

    [must be enchanter)

    Just Kill a bunch of horde PvP in Bg's, buy a BoP PvP cloak and DE it. Presto! Instant crystal! Woot!

  3. You don't even need the cloak. A thrown weapon for 900 honor can DE for 1-2 Maelstroms.

  4. Solid tip; been around for awhlie. Your anonymous posters seem to fail to comprehend the meaning of the word 'unlimited'.

    Makes sense, though. Were I that dumb, I wouldn't want my name known, either.

  5. You can kill an unlimited amount of horde, buy an unlimited amount of PvP gear to DE into an unlimited amount of crystals. So what the F are you bitchin about? Or is it just that you are anal retentive a$$wipe?

  6. The point is all it takes is gold to buy cloaks from the firelands vendor and some of us have a LOT of gold.

  7. You don't even need a thrown weapon. Relics go for 700 honor. Same goes for justice points and 700 JP relics (and you don't even need to be a class that can use them). Although I'm usually torn between those and 400 point Greater essences. But great idea on the cloaks. I missed firelands raiding unfortunately, so I am not quite exalted :(

  8. i fail to see the math ...
    i'm exalted to avenger of hyjal n also in guild lv 25...
    fireland cloak cost me 175g ...
    i don't see how it can be lowered again to 146 g....
    anyone wanna explain the math ?

  9. Level 23 guild perk gives you 20% more crystals from disenchanting. On average that's 1 extra crystal for every 5 cloaks you DE.

    (175x5)/6 = 145.8333... rounded off to 146g