Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tradeskillmaster Mailing - Quick Setup Tutorial

TSM_Mailing handles mass mailing items to other characters. In a nutshell what it does is you load up your bags with things you want to mail off, open the mailbox, press a button and it automatically mails everything off for you. It will fill up all 12 mail slots whenever possible.

It's particularly good for sending bulk mail to alts. It does not handle sending CoDs, just regular mail so it's not very good for selling in bulk.


Configuration is pretty easy, nothing like configuring the auctioning or crafting modules.

Type /tsm and click the "Mailing options" icon on the right side of the window. The mailing options tab has 3 options at the top:

 1. Auto recheck mail
 2. Don't display money received
 3. Send items individually

Leave them all off (not checked).

Below those options is a "Player name" text entry field. Add the name of a player you want it to send mail to and hit enter. Make sure you spell the name correctly. If you spell the name wrong it will send the mail to the wrong person!

The player name will appear in the list to the left. Now click on the player name in the list. Two lists will appear "Items / groups to add" and "Items / groups to remove". The left list contains everything in your bags and all your TSM_Auctioning Groups. Select everything you want mailed to the character in this list and hit the "Add>>" button to move it into the list.

Sending Mail

That's all there is to configuration. Once you have it configured simply fill up your bags with stuff you want to mail, open the mailbox and hit the "Tradeskillmaster_Mailing: Auto-mail" button you'll now see on top of the mailbox window.

One caveat, mailing gets laggy with large configs. The larger your mailing config gets the worse the lag gets. The lag can be so bad it's really not even usable. How big your config can be before that happens probably depends mostly on your cpu. I tried setting it up with settings for all Cataclysm gems (uncommon, rare, raw and cut) once. The lag that caused was so bad I had trouble just closing the mailbox to make it stop! With that in mind I recommend only using TSM_Mailing to mail a limited number of big bulk items like ore and herbs.

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