Sunday, 17 July 2011

Macros with item links - A simple script to make them

Here's a little gem I found with a google search a long time ago. This macro adds a new slash command that allows you to quickly and easily make macros with item links in them. I've edited the original so it puts the macros in the character specific macro list instead of the shared list.

/run SlashCmdList["MAKEMACRO"]=function(c)local m,n=GetNumMacros(),"_"..GetTime();local function o(a)ChatFrame1:AddMessage(a)end if m<36 then CreateMacro(n,6,c,1,1)o(n..": "..c) else o("No more room for macros!")end end SLASH_MAKEMACRO1="/makemacro";

Run the above script once (it adds a new slash command /makemacro) then type:

/makemacro [full text of your macro including item links]

For example:

/makemacro /2 WTB [link] 50g each! 1000g per stack! PST or CoD all you have!

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