Monday, 18 July 2011

Macros for Auctioneers

Here are a few macros I use a lot. Some are the work of others, some I made myself. The one's I didn't make I've had for a long time and have no idea who originally created them so no attribution is given.

Be careful with formatting, Blogger tends to linewrap things that should be on a single line in the scripts. In all these macros # and / start new lines, if there's a line that doesn't start with one of those characters it's been wrapped by blogger and is actually part of the line above it.

If you use Macaroon! bar mod it's buttons can be assigned macros twice as large as normal macros. This is great for disenchenting, prospecting and milling macros, allowing you to put many more items to break down into a single macro. Of course it also allows you to use more complex macros for other purposes too.

Prospecting macro - 1 click ore prospecting. Turn on autoloot so you don't have to click to loot. Add additional "/use orename" lines to prospect other ore types.

#show prospecting
#showtooltip prospecting
/cast prospecting
/use Adamantite Ore
/use Saronite Ore
/use Elementium Ore
/use Obsidium Ore

Disenchanting Macro - For commonly disenchanted Jewelcrafting items. Uses item IDs for green rings/necks to fit them all into a single macro. Also automatically combines Lesser Celestial Essences into Greater.

#showtootip Disenchant
#show Disenchant
/use Lesser Celestial Essence
/cast Disenchant
/use item:52306
/use item:52307
/use item:52308
/use item:52309
/use Carnelian Spikes
/use Stormforged Shoulders

Disenchant mail macro - Mails disenchantable BoE green quality items in your backpack to your enchanter. Simply run this macro with the mailbox open and items in your backpack to mail them off for disenchanting. Replace NAME with the name of your enchanter.

/script MailFrameTab_OnClick(nil, 2)
/run for slot=1,16 do local texture,itemCount,locked,quality=GetContainerItemInfo(0,slot) if quality==2 then UseContainerItem(0,slot) end end
/script SendMail("NAME", "s", "")
/script MailFrameTab_OnClick(nil, 1)

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