Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Patch 4.2 - Day one report

Day one of patch 4.2 is over with about 250k in gross sales over the first 24 hours. My big sellers were one heck of a lot of gems, many chants, volatiles, belt buckles and spell threads. Gem prices were pretty good, on average about 150% of normal prices. Chant, spellthread and volatile prices were great, going for double the usual. Some popular chants with low materials costs (Mighty Stats to chest, Mastery to gloves, etc) were selling out fast for more than double the usual. Belt buckles sold for usual prices but in greater than usual numbers. Also sold a lot of other stuff for higher than usual prices though not in great numbers, In some cases much higher, for example Carnelian for 50g each and Heartblossom for 200g per stack (gotta love those guys making Inferno Rubies late).

I figured the campers would be out in force so I decided to camp the campers for a change. When the server came up another JC made a play to buy out bunches of gems and reset prices far higher. I just kept posting more at progressively higher and higher prices until he finally gave up. It took a couple hours but by then he'd bought several hundred blue, green, yellow, orange  and purple gems from me for an average of over 50g each.

Not a bad start to the day. =)

One of the first things I noticed was cut gems as expected stack to 20 now. There's a glitch though, most Cataclysm gems don't stack as you craft them. Meta gems and pre cata gems do stack as you craft them. The mod Bankstack comes in real handy for that. I just start crafting, click Bankstack whenever my bags are nearly full and continue crafting.

Inferno Ruby sales were just crazy all day long. I sold hundreds, over 20 stacks before midnight, and another 10 stacks or so overnight with most sales in the range of 95g - 125g.

The rest of the day I continued camping the campers. More and more campers came out as the day went on, prices dropped to pre patch levels and sales slowed down with all the competition. Then I went off, did the Firelands quests on all my 85s, made supper, ate, watched a movie and posted every half hour or so. The campers made a few more plays to buy out all the cheap gems and jack prices up. I kept throwing monkey wrenches into their plans.

When I logged out for the night I kept the campers and price jackers honest with walls of 10 Bold Brilliant and Delicate at 150g and 175g each as well as several mini walls of 5 at lower prices. I put up similar walls for several of the best selling gems of other colors too. About half of the wall gems sold overnight, the campers only broke through the walls on some of the mediocre selling gems that I only had 5 or 10 of each up.

I sold another 50k overnight while asleep for a grand total of over 250k in gross sales.

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