Sunday, 16 October 2011

Patch 4.3 - Which Epic Gem cuts to get first

A new gem vendor, Farah Facet, has turned up on the PTR and finally confirms that Jewelcrafting Tokens will be used to purchase the new Epic Gems.

Source: MMO Champion

It'll cost 5 tokens to buy the pattern of your choice or 4 Tokens to buy a Tome of Burning Jewels for a random pattern. According to wowhead there are 66 epic gem cuts. It'll take 264 tokens (on a single character) to buy them all with tomes or 330 to buy them straight up.

Unless you have 264 tokens on a single toon, it makes the most sense to spend 5 tokens at least until you have all the best cuts and most of the decent cuts. The following is a list of the very best selling cuts of each color based on sales of the rare gem equivalents.

Bold Queen's Garnet
Brilliant Queen's Garnet
Delicate Queen's Garnet

Reckless Lava Coral

Purified Shadow Spinel

Quick Lightstone
Fractured Lightstone

Solid Deepholm Iolite
Rigid Deepholm Iolite

Puissant Elven Peridot

That's 10 cuts in all or 50 tokens to buy all of them. Next is a list of other Purple, Orange and Green cuts that though they don't sell as well as the 10 best cuts still sell fairly well. Listed by color and roughly in order of how well they sell.

Veiled Shadow Spinel
Glinting Shadow Spinel
Etched Shadow Spinel
Defender's Shadow Spinel
Timeless Shadow Spinel
Shifting Shadow Spinel
Sovereign Shadow Spinel
Accurate Shadow Spinel

Adept Lava Coral
Artful Lava Coral
Fine Lava Coral
Skillful Lava Coral
Potent Lava Coral
Deadly Lava Coral
Willful Lava Coral
Inscribed Lava Coral
Resplendent Lava Coral
Lucent Lava Coral

Regal Elven Peridot
Lightning Elven Peridot
Steady Elven Peridot
Piercing Elven Peridot
Sensei's Elven Peridot
Zen Elven Peridot

IMO the best approach is to get the top 10 best sellers first. Then get roughly equal numbers of each color until you have 4 or 5 of each, including all red, yellow and blue cuts since there aren't very many of them. Then fill out the rest of the Orange and Purple cuts and finally the Green cuts.

If you don't have enough tokens to get even 10 cuts right away then get the one's you'll use yourself first.

There are also also several new cuts like Crafty Lava Coral (25 Exp + 25 Crit).

Here's a link to the full list of epic gems for patch 4.3.

I see 6 new Orange cuts, 6 new green cuts and 1 new purple cut. Champion's, Crafty, Splendid, Stalwart, Tenuous, Wicked Lava Coral, Balanced, Energized, Infused, Misty, Radiant, Shattered Elven Peridot and Mysterious Shadow Spinel.

Most of these are cuts that exist for Wrath gems but not Cata rare gems. I don't see any of these new cuts making the top 10, but several should sell ok and a few that sold quite well in previous expansions should sell well again.

A couple new to Cata cuts that sold well in previous expansions should sell well now too:

Energized Elven Peridot
Misty Elven Peridot

I expect both to make the top 5 green cuts. And then there's Crafty Lava Coral. It's brand new and looks like it might be popular with melee DPS. Just how popular I'm not sure but I'll probably grab it on day one of the patch to find out.

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