Monday, 24 October 2011

Backpacks and disposable alts

If you're looking for earthshaking news, controversy or imaginative speculation you won't find it here... At least not today. :)

All I have for today is a quick tip

Low level disposable posting alts come in handy sometimes. If the competition is going out of their way to grief you it's nice to be able to delete an alt they know about and make a new one they don't know is you yet. It'll usually take them a while to figure it out too.

Or some competitors might not be out to get you personally, just anyone who dares try to make gold in *thier* markets. They'll leave a new name alone for a little while but once they decide you might be serious competition the gloves come off. It might be more profitable to just make a new alt rather than fight a war.

A lot of people tend to use 16 slot Netherweave bags for bank alts because they're so cheap. The bags get destroyed when you delete an alt and you have to buy new bags for the next new alt. Not a big deal for ah goblins really but there's a better bag option for disposable alts you don't intend to keep for long.

Why spend 30-50g on bags every time you make a new alt if you don't have to?

Traveler's Backpacks are 16 slot bags too and they don't bind on use. You just buy one set of 4 bags and after that you just keep mailing them off to the next new alt.

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  1. Good call on Traveler's Backpacks, I've always used the 10 slot bags sold by a vendor.

    You are absolutely right about disposable alts too, I've done this twice so far and the competitor i was aiming to fool didn't catch on for at least two weeks, both times :)