Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Addons - Dumpster

I just started using the addon Dumpster recently. Wow! It's great for glyph posters, especially those who use just a single posting character.

I've had my glyph business operating efficiently and mostly /afk for quite a while now but there was one thing that was still so tedious and annoying that I hated doing it. The thing I hated was swapping the glyphs in my bags. Dumping the glyphs in my bags into the bank and getting another bunch of glyphs from the bank. It was time consuming and took an awful lot of mouse clicks. Bankstack is terrific for sorting items in your bank and bags but I found it's bank deposit and withdrawal functions lacking a lot. I've been looking for a mod to make this chore easier for a while and finally found it in Dumpster.

Thanks go out to Steed of the Consortium for mentioning Dumpster in his excellent post optimizing glyph operations on a single toon. This post was the one that convinced me to try Dumpster and I'm sure glad I did! The post itself is a great read with a comprehensive strategy full of detailed explanations, theory and plenty of useful tips.

My own current glyph posting strategy all about popularity and stealth is similar in many ways though I'm using two posters, one focusing on just the most popular glyphs and a 2nd poster covering all the rest. Dumpster doesn't help the popular glyph poster since all his glyphs fit in one set of bags anyhow but it's a godsend for the other poster. The 2nd poster needs to swap glyphs and post twice to post all of his glyphs. Dumpster has cut the time spent swapping glyphs from a few minutes to about 4 seconds. About 2 seconds to dump and another 2 seconds to refill my bags.

As explained in Steed's post all you need to do to handle glyph swapping is make 4 macros. Two to dump half the glyphs each into the bank and another two to take them out of the bank.

Macro 1

/dout glyph /t "Classes: Druid"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Paladin"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Warrior"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Death Knight"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Rogue"

Macro 2

/dout glyph /t "Classes: Priest"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Warlock"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Hunter"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Mage"
/dout glyph /t "Classes: Shaman"

The above handle taking glyphs out of the bank. To put glyphs into the bank simply make duplicate copies of both macros with "/dout" changed to "/din" (without the quotes). If you have a single poster handling all the glyphs you won't be able to fit all the glyphs for 5 classes into a single set of bags so you'll have to go with 6 macros instead (3 /din and 3 /dout).

Similar macros can be made for Gems, Chants or anything else you might have massive stocks of. The command syntax is fairly intuitive with plenty of options to control exactly what (and how many) gets put into or taken out of the bank. To see all of the usage options simply type /dumpster.

Note: Dumpster works much better and faster with personal banks than with guild banks. From comments I've read elsewhere this seems to have something to do with recent changes made to guild banks.

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  1. Any way to deposit all items by type, for example Gems ?