Saturday, 7 May 2011

Who am I and why did I start this blog?

I'm Moxnixx of Antonidas US.

I've been playing wow since the original release. In the beginning I was a Miner / Blacksmith and always broke or nearly broke. Smithing was like a black hole sucking up all the mats I farmed and any gold I made usually got spent on mats I couldn't make or farm myself.

A few months before The Burning Crusade I decided to drop Blacksmithing, take up herbalism and sell all my ore and herbs. I wasn't exactly rich but I wasn't poor either. I could farm mats for most things I needed, I could afford to buy the rest and when I spent my whole stake I could build it up again by farming a few hours a day for a week or two.

Then a few months into Wrath of the Lich King I decided to drop herbalism for Jewelcrafting and started making a lot of gold without even trying. I spent most of it at first but always had at least 10k on me and usually more like 20k. Then epic gems came out and I started making even more selling nothing but epic gems and posting just once or twice a day. I farmed and prospected my own ore, sold a lot of gems and spent a lot of gold... Then I got serious about making gold, started buying titamium and epic gems. I was very tightly focused on epic gems and didn't bother with anything else.

Shortly after the honor for gems patch the local auction house bot tried to force me out of the gem market with perpetual 24/7 undercutting. He failed... Miserably... About all he succeeded in doing in the end was giving me a good reason to diversify rather than just concentrating on epic gems. I expanded my business exponentially and made even more gold taking market share away from *him in other markets than he was trying to take away from me in epic gems in the first place.

Now about a year and a half later, I'm sitting on over 3 million gold, completely fed up with guilds, raiding and all the politics involved with both. I find myself reading a lot of gold blogs lately.

I'll read some blog where the author says he's been working the auction hard for 5 years, has maybe 500k gold and figures that makes him some kind of gold making god. If he's such an expert why did it take him so long to make so little?

Or I'll read some article full of effusive grossly over exaggerated comments about how much gold you can make farming such and such or working some tiny niche market. No wonder he has so little gold after all that time. He's doing it all wrong.

And that is why I started this blog.

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